Testimonials on Namgyal Summer Retreats

The following are comments from participants in previous Namgyal Summer Retreats. If you have attended a Namgyal Summer Retreat and have comments or suggestions you would like to offer, please contact us.

“The Get Acquainted Retreat was the primer I needed to begin my Buddhist studies. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in a basic introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.”

“The Get Acquainted Retreat is a perfect starting point for anyone interested in finding out more about Buddhism but didn’t know where to start. Plus the vegetarian meals are fabulous.”

“The monks and staff of Namgyal Monastery are so helpful and make you feel so welcomed during the retreat. I can’t wait to attend again next year.”

— Beth, Redondo Beach, CA

“This will be my third year attending Namgyal’s Summer Retreat. I came as a stranger, new to the practice of Tibetan Tradition in the summer of 2000. I chose Namgyal because I was inexperienced in this tradition, and knew that there could be no doubt as to the lineage of the teachers, or the quality of teaching I would receive through the Personal Monastery of His Holiness Dali Lama.

I think what brings me back each year is quality teaching, presented in a mindful yet casual manner. Living in close proximity to the monks, sharing meals, getting to know them over the volleyball net helps to soften the usual barrier between teacher, and student, monastic, and lay practitioner.

Also making things run as smoothly as is possible in the woods are the staff of Namgyal Monastery. Dedicated practitioners, and simply some of the kindest, most attentive beings to be found who make it their goal to perform the difficult task of making so many diverse attendees, with many diverse needs, and natures feel comfortable, and cared for. They succeed wonderfully!

I don’t want to forget to mention how much I truly enjoy the little cabins with the “screen only” windows that wrap around the three walls, letting nature right in with me as I rest, and sleep. Even rainy days/nights are fun, and beautiful when experienced this way. The bathroom, and shower facilities are good, close, and easily accommodate all.

Last, but certainly not least is the food! Three times a day an amazing buffet of vegetarian delights is served up by a talented, and health oriented kitchen staff. A few tempting treats are also known to show up during evenings spent on crafts, demonstrations of Tantric Arts, or watching movies/videos of Tibet, Buddhism, and of course moving public speeches/appearances of His Holiness.

The experience of each years Retreat stays with, and sustains me in practice through the year that follows. I look forward to attending this summer, and for many summers to come.”

— Joyce, Woodbridge, VA

“The Getting Acquainted With Namgyal Retreat was my first real contact with other practicing Buddhists. Spending time with Tibetan Buddhist monks and others interested in what I am interested in made the week very special. Though I had been reading dharma for a number of years, face-to-face contact with teachers and other students was invaluable. I will attend again!!”

— Richard, Lexington, KY.

“I attended the Introductory Retreat at Namgyal in the summer of 2001. Geshe Gonpo’s teachings were all I had hoped for, and have continued to engage my heart and mind. Ven. Tenzin Deshek, Ven. Tenzin Gephel, Ven. Tenzin Thutop, Palden Choedak Oshoe and Sidney Piburn were each unique and continue to be inspiring.

I contacted Namgyal at the suggestion of Rinpoche Norbu at the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana. I had been needing and longing for a qualified person to give me guidance in my Buddhist practice, which is Kalachakra, and not available in my area of Louisville, Kentucky. Ven. Deshek agreed to act in this capacity, for which I am so grateful.

Unfortunately, severe food and environmental allergies prompted me to discuss these at once with (the administrator), and her understanding and efforts made it possible for me to attend, and far exceeded my expectations. In addition, that wonderful chef, Arthur Birnbaum, made every gracious effort to cooperate with my problems.

Certainly not to be forgotten are some friendships I established with other attendees, and whom I hope to see again at the August retreat.

— Estelle, Louisville, KY

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