Guided Pilgrimages

Namgyal has been hosting guided Buddhist pilgrimages since 2002, with recent tours to Mongolia and Dharamsala, India. The pilgrimages are unique in that they are limited in size, which helps to facilitate the group’s entrance into various locations and teachings that would otherwise not be possible on larger tours. Participants are offered the opportunity to visit many historical Buddhist sites while receiving teachings from the Namgyal monks.

Pilgrimmages to Dharamsala visit the Namgyal parent monastery and other holy sites.
These religious pilgrimages are intended to bring students to a deeper knowledge and understanding of Buddhist holy sites, with immersion into the cultural and religious activity of the visited region. They are led by at least one Namgyal monk and a western staff member from Namgyal Monastery, Ithaca.

In November 2012, Namgyal monks will lead a pilgrimage for Vietnamese refugees to Dharmasala, India who will receive a teaching from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Bickieu Pham serves as the Public Relations Liaison to the Vietnamese Buddhist Community on behalf of Namgyal Monastery.

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