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Singing Bowl

Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation, the ultimate goal being enlightenment. They are a quintessential aid to meditation, and can be found on private Buddhist altars, and in temples, monasteries and meditation halls throughout the world. Note: Singing Bowl cost $90.00 + Sale Tax 8% $7.20 + Shipping and Handling $14.80″
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DVD: A Human Approach to World Peace

Oct 09, 2007 | Barton Hall, Cornell University.
This public speech elaborates His Holiness’ views on practical measures by which ordinary individuals can contribute to creating a peaceful, compassionate society through awareness of the increasing interdependence of a globalized world. Co-sponsored with the Cornell Department of Anthropology. Note: The Price includes Sale Tax of 8% and Shipping and Handling is $4.
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Lapis Mala

Lapis Mala – Blue 108 Bead Mala(Special Collection) Note: includes 8% Sale Tax and Shipping and Handiling.

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