“…preservation of Tibetan Buddhist culture

in [a] free country is now very important.”

– HH the Dalai Lama


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Testimonials from Namgyal Pilgrimages

The following are comments from participants in previous Namgyal Pilgrimages. If you have traveled on a Namgyal Pilgrimage and have comments or suggestions you would like to offer, please contact us.
India! Marvelous, colorful, sensual, and holy India!

I have always dreamed to go there, and though I have done some traveling on my own, knew that this country would be too much to tackle without an experienced guide.

The dream became reality, when I signed on to go with Namgyal Monastery.

The legendary confusion of arriving in Delhi, finding transportation and navigating to a destination, all completely taken care of in advance by skilled personnel, made the journey smooth and carefree. Our guides quickly found “safe” sources of food and water for the Western traveler whenever necessary: we were free to taste and experience without worry.

When we reached the beautiful, and holy city of Dharamsala, doors opened, and we were treated as if “coming home” rather than as tourists from a foreign land.

From comfortable accommodation, each day we were guided to previously arranged audiences, teachings, and holy sights that may have been impossible to accomplish without the good graces of Namgyal Ithaca, and the generosity of Namgyal Dharamsala, united to insure that no wonder was hidden from, or inaccessible to the group.

A rare, and unforgettable experience.

I highly recommend the Namgyal Pilgrimage Tours, to any and all who have an interest in making pilgrimage to the country of origin of Buddha’s teachings, and/or experience first hand, the preservation of Tibetan Culture and Tradition in exile.

— Joyce A. Lacovara

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