“…preservation of Tibetan Buddhist culture

in [a] free country is now very important.”

– HH the Dalai Lama


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Calendar of Events

Please browse our event listings. Each event belongs to a category and the full list of categories is visible in the sidebar at left, under Calendar of Events.

Date Event Category  
Jan 18 - Apr 212016 SPRING SEMESTER CLASS SCHEDULE.Core Classes
Dec 18 - Dec 20The Three Principle Aspects of the Path. By: Lama TsongkhapaWeekend Intensives
Nov 27 - Nov 29Seeing Interdependence and Doing No Harm.Weekend Intensives
Nov 06 - Nov 08Vic Mansfield Memorial Speaker: Guy Newland PhDWeekend Intensives
Oct 16 - Oct 18Teachings from: Eight Verses for Training the Mind and Chapter 8: The Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, The Perfection of MeditationWeekend Intensives
Sep 21 - Dec 102015 Fall Semester Class ScheduleCore Classes
Jul 10 - Jul 232016 Kalachakra Ritual Prayers Ceremony and Kalachakara Six Session Guru Yoga, Self Generation and Complete Generation Teaching and Practice Retreat with Geshe Drakpa Gelek.Summer Retreat
Jan 19 - May 082015 Spring Semester Class Schedule.Core Classes
Apr 17 - Apr 19Weekend Intensive Teaching with Geshe Tsering Chophel on ” Kalachakara Six Session Guru Yoga”Weekend Intensives
Mar 20 - Mar 22Weekend Intensive Teaching on: Understanding the Relationship between Compassion and Emptiness:Chandrakhirti’s Entry into the Middle WayWeekend Intensives
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