“…preservation of Tibetan Buddhist culture

in [a] free country is now very important.”

– HH the Dalai Lama


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Tibetan Association of Ithaca

Seeking ways to resettle exiled Tibetans into the United States, the Tibetan Government-in-exile under the incomparable leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the secular and religious leader of Tibetans, reached an agreement in 1990 with the United States Congress when a special resolution was passed granting one-thousand Tibetan people permanent residence in the U.S. Ithaca, New York was chosen as one of several resettlement sites, and in 1992, the first group of Tibetans arrived in Ithaca.

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Recent Tibetan cultural events hosted in association with Namgyal Ithaca.

The Tibetan Association of Ithaca (TAI) was formed in an effort to maintain strong bonds among the Tibetan community, to maintain Tibetan Cultural and religious identity, to work cooperatively to bring about progress in the Tibetan community and to strive toward maintaining awareness of implementing the following objectives:

  • A recognition of the supreme kindness and wise leadership of H.H. the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile, and a willingness to obey all religious and political directives issued by them.
  • Peaceably seeking support in the Tibetan struggle for justice and liberation from Chinese oppression.
  • Embracing Tibetan religion, culture and customs in an effort to maintain our heritage and traditional ways.
  • Accepting the responsibility to teach and guide future generations of Tibetans in Tibetan religion, culture and customs.
  • To maintain friendly relations with the community (Ithaca) as a whole, and especially those who support the Tibetan cause.
  • Respect and observe all local, state and federal laws.

For more information, please contact the President of the Tibetan Association of Ithaca, Ngawang Dhondup: dhondupjorden27@yahoo.com.


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