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Special Events

On special Buddhist holidays, the monastery celebrates with Namgyal students, community, and local Tibetans, offering puja's and prayer ceremonies appropriate to each event. Additionally, the monastery offers special events and teachings on interfaith, and science and Buddhism symposiums, and is continually extending programming to meet the needs of students in bringing related topics of interest to the public.

Tibetan holiday mask and costume Venerable Thutop creating a Losar butter sculpture

Namgyal monks prepare for traditional Tibetan holiday celebrations.

In keeping with the Tibetan Buddhist faith, Namgyal Monastery conducts several traditional pujas (special prayer ceremonies) in honor of the many Tibetan religious holidays throughout the year. Namgyal Monastery has also been expanding its programming include topics and activities in exciting new areas of research with Buddhist and non-Buddhist scholars on topics that are of growing interest in the Buddhist community.

The following is a list of some recent special events hosted by Namgyal Monastery:

  • Forums on inter-faith study
  • Science and Buddhism symposiums
  • Celebration of Tibetan Holidays
  • Buddhism and medicine forum
  • Community dinners