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Namgyal Monastery Mind and Life Discussion Series II: Views of Attention and Memory in Buddhism and Western Neuroscience

Date May 18, 2013
Time 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location Borg Warner Room, Tompkins County Public Library
Cost Suggested Donation: $10
Prerequisites This course is recommended for both beginning and advanced students.

For the past 24 years the Mind and Life Institute has been hosting dialogues between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Western scientists on a variety of topics, exploring the similarities and differences in views of Buddhism and Western science. Over the past decade these conferences have become open for the public to attend and now many of the conference talks are posted online for open viewing. To further these dialogues, Namgyal Monastery is sponsoring a series of discussions on topics presented during selected Mind and Life conference sessions.

Namgyal Monastery is pleased to announce that we will host another Mind-Life Discussion Series this spring. This discussion series will focus on dialogues held during Mind and Life XVIII: “Attention, Memory and Mind”. These talks focus on discussions of Western Neuroscience and Buddhist views of attention, memory and consciousness.

Participants will view segments of presentations together along with a panel of two neuroscientists, neuropsychologist and scholar of Buddhist philosophy from local universities. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions to clarify their understanding on topics covered in the Mind and Life talks as well as gain related information from other resources. The spirit of these sessions is intended to deepen learning, understanding and dialogue on these topics, rather than foment debate or critique of different views.

Panel Participants:
Bruce Johnson, PhD: Senior Research Associate, Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University
Kit Muma, MSc: Instructor, Biology Department, Ithaca College
Charles Goodman, PhD: Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Binghamton University
Peter Donovick PhD: Professor, Department of Psychology, Binghamton University

Deana Bodnar, PhD LMSW


Borg Warner Room, Tompkins County Public Library.


Suggested Donation: $10

Schedule of Activities

There will be a short meditation led by one of the Namgyal monks at the beginning of the sessions.

For those interested in viewing Mind and Life Sessions go to: