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Weekend Intensives

In addition to the core curriculum of classes, Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies offers weekend intensive teachings on topics from both eastern and western traditions. The weekend intensives are geared to students of every level, often attempting to bring difficult topics into focus for the non-specialist. Teachers for the weekend intensives include the resident Namgyal faculty, as well as world-renowned Buddhist scholars and instructors from other related fields. The weekend teachings are excellent for those with busy schedules, those who are not able to attend our core classes, and those looking for specific areas of study ranging from introductory to advanced level topics.


Namgyal Abbot Thamthog Rinpoche


intensives_gesheDawala                                                                                                                            Geshe Dawa

GeshedDrakpa                                                                                                                        Geshe Dakpa Gelek



about_faculty_tnVen, Tenzin Choesang








A typical weekend begins with a Friday evening teaching that is free and open to the public. Saturday consists of a morning and afternoon teaching session, followed by a vegetarian dinner. The weekends conclude with a session on


Sunday morning. Occasionally, weekends will include an event on Saturday evening, such as a slideshow or video presentation.

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Among recent weekend intensive teachers, we have hosted Gelek Rinpoche, Bardo Tulku Rinpoche, Geshe Damdul NAmgyal, Lama Pema Wangdak, and the resident Namgyal monks. Topics covered by these teachers include commentary on texts by Shantideva and Nagarjuna as well as instruction on various meditation practices. We have also recently hosted several eminent western Tibetan scholars, including B. Alan Wallace, Vesna Wallace, Joe Loizzo and Anne Klein. The topics covered by these teachers have ranged from the teachings on shamata meditation to teaching on Kalachakra Tantra and Seven Comtemplations of Dzogchen practice.

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