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Summer Retreats

Public Namgyal Monastery currently offers two week-long summer retreats which take place off-site. Once the building of Dü Khor Choe Ling is complete, the monastery will be able to offer retreats on-site as well as additional private retreats.

The summer retreats have been offered since Namgyal opened in 1992, and are among the most popular of all events held by the monastery. Each year Namgyal will provide a week-long retreat that provides a tantric empowerment and instruction in on the associated sadhana practice. In additional, Namgyal will host an annual retreat on Kalachakra Six-Session Guru Yoga Practice. This will provide practitioners who have received the Kalachakra initiation with in-depth instruction on this fundamental Kalachakra practice as well as connect with other Kalachakra practitioners from around the United States and the world.

Kalachakra Group

Summer retreats are among the most popular events hosted by Namgyal.

Please inquire with the administrator about the topic for the second retreat, which changes each year and typically focuses on the intense practice of a specific deity of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Recent topics for the second retreat have included Medicine Buddha, Tara, Manjushri, and Vajrasattva. The advanced retreat is often open to beginning students who show exceptional interest in the subject.

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Testimonials on Namgyal Summer Retreats

The week-long retreat has been developed as a place to study authentic Tibetan Buddhist topics, meditation, daily prayers and traditional Tibetan ritual arts under the guidance of the resident Namgyal monks and teachers. In both retreats, students have the opportunity of individual sessions with the monks and resident teachers to discuss questions they might have regarding their own personal practice.

Until Dü Khor Choe Ling is completed, the summer retreats will continue to be hosted off-site, where students will live for one week along with the monks in a contemplative environment suitable for an in-depth study of the retreat topic. Three delicious vegetarian meals are served daily on-site, and accommodations are modest. Evenings are filled with volleyball with the monks, videos, and slide show presentations.

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