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The Melody of the Nectar of Immortality

by Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro

A Prayer for the Long Life of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Supreme Victor and Omniscient One

Om Svasti!
The vast love and primordial wisdom of the buddhas
All are embodied in Lokeshvara, white like a dazzling snow mountain,
Sublime and holy Lord of the World. You who are his emanation,
A guru for each and every being in the three realms: may you be victorious!

Wondrous and without equal in the three worlds;
Omniscient and as unique as the udumbara flower,
Great crown jewel for the teachings and all beings on earth:
Supreme victorious one, Holder of the Lotus--I pray for your long life!

Always and forever enlightened, yet in this age of conflict
You gather living beings within your embrace,
Your resolve and your commitment unshakeable like a vajra:
Great lord on the tenth bhumi--I pray for your long life!

All the realizations of the stages of the path to enlightenment
Are merged as one with your secret body, speech and mind,
Your qualities of knowledge and love inconceivable:
Second Buddha of the north--I pray for your long life!

Of teaching, debate and composition, your mastery is unimpaired,
In you the eight great treasures of brilliance have opened wide,
With 'specific perfect understanding', you teach the Dharma:
You who are victorious in every direction--I pray for your long life!

Through your explanation, accomplishment and activity, you spread
The enlightened Tsongkhapa's precious teaching in a hundred directions,
Annihilating the deluded arguments of malicious opponents,
Fearless Lion of Speech, Manjushri-I pray for your long life!

On the secret mantra's gradual path of the Triple Vision and Triple Tantra,
As the four mandalas are absorbed through the profound yogas of the four empowerments,
You realize directly the wisdom of the four kayas:
All-pervading lord Vajradhara--I pray for your long life!

Mahamudra is the natural state of all things,
Profound emptiness and clarity, indivisible:
With the sunlight of its innate wisdom you dispel the darkness of samsara and nirvana:
Great lord of yogins, Milarepa--I pray for your long life!

From the treasury of all the mysteries in the ocean of tantras
You make the exquisite water of the four rivers that mature and liberate
Flow into the fields of fortunate disciples:
Vajrapani, Lord of Secrets--I pray for your long life!

Everything in samsara and nirvana occurs as the play of interdependence,
Arising yet primordially unborn, a state of utter peace:
Wise teacher of this profound Madhyamaka that is free from all conceptual elaboration,
'Lord of Nagas' - Nagarjuna--I pray for your long life!

Kulika Pundarika, skilled and perfect exponent of the Kalachakra,
With its inseparable outer, inner and alternative cycles,
Has appeared in the land of Tibet in the form of a spiritual friend:
You who are in essence the original buddha, Kalachakra--I pray for your long life!

All phenomena of samsara and nirvana are the expanse of the sphere of luminosity--
Unfluctuating, spontaneously Great Perfection:
In self-liberation, beyond all action, you attain the kingdom of fruition,
Primordial lord Samantabhadra--I pray for your long life!

Fearless, and without mixing or confusing them,
You steer onwards the great chariot of all the Buddha's teachings;
Sole refuge for the teachings and for all beings:
Lord Tenzin Gyatso--I pray for your long life!

A hundred times with reverence and awe,
The jeweled heads of the mighty ones of the three worlds,
Bow to the auspicious wheels of your lotus feet:
Great sovereign of Dharma--I pray for your long life!

As the lord of the gods, annihilating the demonic forces of the asuras
With the hundred-pointed vajra of power, energy and strength,
Destroying the rocky mountains of wrong and perverted views,
Fearsome Shri Heruka--I pray for your long life!

As long as this earth, Mount Meru, sun and moon endure,
May you remain secure, invincible, on your vajra throne
In the celestial mansion of Potala, Avalokiteshvara's delight,
Your secret body, speech and mind forever changeless!

Through the grace of the three supreme deities of Long Life,
And the power of the truth of masters, yidams, buddhas and bodhisattvas,
May all that we have prayed for be blessed
And so accomplished without any obstacle!

Paying reverence with his body, his speech and his mind, the one who bears the name of the incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse, Jamyang Chokyi Lodro from the realm of Dokham in the east wrote this as he prayed with fervent devotion, at the Samdrup family house, to the south of the great temple of Rasa Trulnang (the Jokhang), in Lhasa in Central Tibet. He then offered this prayer to the great omniscient one himself. May it become a cause for his life to be secure for countless aeons! Sarwada kalyanam sushreyo bhavatu: All is perfectly complete!

Based on the translation made by the late Khenpo Migmar Tsering, Principal of Sakya College, and Dr. Peter Della Santina, to mark His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Sakya College in November 1992 Copyright Rigpa Translations, 2000