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Mission of Namgyal Ithaca

Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies is an American not-for-profit organization with the following mission, mandates, and values. We operate under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and in collaboration with the main Namgyal Monastery in India.

Our Mission

  • To offer authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachings in the context of a nonsectarian institute promoting dialogue between Western scholars, clergy, and Tibetan teachers.
  • To provide resident Tibetan teachers with opportunities to learn the English language as well as Western academic, social, and technical skills.
  • To provide facilities and programs supportive of training in and practice of Buddhist Dharma in the Tibetan tradition.
  • To function as a Tibetan cultural center, with a particular focus of providing cultural support to the local Tibetan community of Ithaca, New York.

Our Mandates

  • To foster Tibetan Buddhism and culture.
  • To follow the guidance and personal example of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and to make all major programmatic decisions and initiatives in consultation with His Holiness.
  • To maintain a mutually beneficial collaboration with Namgyal Monastery, Dharamsala, India.
  • To operate the Institute and its programs in accordance with our stated values.

Our Values

Compassion for All Beings
To work in ways we are able to relieve the suffering of sentient beings.
To promote understanding and cooperation between various religious groups.
To promote diversity in our community including economic, ethnic, racial, age, gender, sexual preference, and people with disabilities.
To provide equal treatment and opportunity for all members of the community.
To be willing to endure short-term hardships in service of long-term goals.
To persevere in our efforts to honor our obligations and responsibilities to members of the community.
To maintain consistency between our words and deeds.
Openness and Honesty
To conduct the affairs of the organization in an open and truthful manner.
To work in a cooperative and positive spirit to fulfill the goals of the organization.
To welcome new ideas and methods to improve our ability to fulfill our mission.
Ethical Behaviour
To promote the practice of Buddhist ethics in the conduct of organization business.
To conduct the business of the organization in compliance with all local, state, and national laws.
Namgyal sign

Front sign on the Aurora Street House.